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/Individual Health Insurance

If you are wondering whether an individual health insurance plan could be right for you, we can help. Here at InsureSaver we can answer all of your questions regarding health insurance and more importantly, help you save on individual health insurance California.

Individual health insurance is a policy that you can purchase for yourself. A California individual health plan can be right for you if you are single or do not need family members covered on your policy, or you do not receive a health plan through work.

Just like any other insurance policy, there are many different types of individual insurance coverage including PPO, HMO and even short-term health insurance. These terms are explained further below:

  • PPO or Preferred Provider Organizations normally require individuals to visit doctors within a certain network in order to receive proper insurance coverage. This type of plan usually has a deductible that varies upon plan as well as a standard flat rate co-payment for each doctor visit.
  • HMO or Health Maintenance Organizations are usually more affordable than PPOs, but generally include more restrictions as far as doctors that can be seen. An HMO requires the selection of a Primary Care Physician, a doctor which will usually be the main physician seen for all general visits. HMO plans do not usually have a deductible and the co-payment is normally lower than that of a PPO.

Let the agents at InsureSaver help you get the most value from your individual health plan. Together, we’ll find a plan that’s best for you by reviewing free health insurance quotes from popular carriers in California, like Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

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